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Loss /Theft of Property

Wherever you are travelling to, the possibility of both being a victim of theft, and losing valuable items is all too realistic. Most travel insurance will cover you in some respects, up to certain amount. Things worth checking for include whether there is an excess, what types of items are insured, how much each individual item is insured for, and the total amount you are covered for.

Cancelled or delayed Flights

What level of cover is given to cancelled flights is extremely important. Cancelled and delayed flights are commonplace, and can severely disrupt your plans. Some insurance policies will put you up in a hotel, and pay for meals, others will do very little. It is particularly worth paying attention to this, when travelling on budget airlines, as these offer little compensation when their flights are cancelled as opposed to standard airlines which offer varying levels of cover.

Cutting your holiday short

Known as ‘curtailment’, if due to unforeseen circumstances you are forced to cut your holiday short, there are often significant costs to be made in arranging alternative travel arrangements – some travel insurance may include this.

Legal Assistance

Should you be accused of a crime abroad, or are involved in any type of legal action (this could include damage to rented vehicles), someone will be responsible for the legal costs. To make sure you are covered, take out travel insurance and make sure this is included.

Adventurous Activities

There are a number of common holiday activities that are specified by travel insurance companies as risk activities. If you are planning on taking a flight to Australia or are planning some kind of activity which may be classified as dangerous such as swimming with sharks, base jumping, winter sports alongside many more, you will likely have to take out a specialist insurance. Check with your travel insurance provider, to see what is and isn’t covered.

Dangerous Countries

Certain countries are not generally insured on travel insurance policies. Should you choose to travel to area’s threatened by war or natural disaster or otherwise classified as high risk, you may have to take out specialist insurance. For example if you are planning a holiday in Dubai, just to the volatile neighbouring region you should double check that you are indeed covered.